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Investors want Microsoft’s new CEO to kill Xbox



Investors have been at this for what seems like two years now and with a new CEO in the saddle, they’re more vocal than ever and believe new CEO Satya Nadella is the man to finally put the nail in the coffin of the Xbox division, along with Bing and the poor performing Surface. 

The Washington Post is reporting that Two influential Microsoft shareholders have been pushing the Redmond software giant to abandon what they view as non-essential product lines so that Microsoft can focus on its core strength: selling enterprise software to businesses. 

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This is not me..

I feel the need to be Strong,

the need to be the Leader,

the need to Pretend.

But It doesn’t feel right.

I smile as i go through life,

Pretending like i know what I’m doing ,

like I know were I’m going.

Keeping hope alive for everyone around me,

having lost hope a long time ago.   

… I hate it

Even though I am surrounded by friends I still pretend.


it is what I’m good at

not something I’m proud of…


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